Monday, November 1, 2010

San Francisco Giants - World Series 2010 Champions!!

Well, Giants fans, congratulations!  Your team won the 2010 Major League Baseball World Series!  It was an exciting weekend as the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers battled out to see who would be this year's new World Series champion.  The first game, on October 27, was won by the SF Giants, with a score of 11-7.  The Giants also won the next game, played on October 28, 9-0.  The Rangers then made a comeback on October 30 and won 4-2.  However, they weren't so lucky when they played the next night, Halloween, when the Giants won 4-0.  This was when the Giants fans started getting big heads, and rightfully so.  The SF Giants won the last game today, November first, against the Rangers with a score of 3-1.  So, congratulations to the Giants on their first title in 56 years!!  Also, congratulations to the Rangers for making it to the World Series for the first time in franchise history, and battling it out against the ruthless Giants!  Stay in tune with my new blog, Amazing Earth, where I will be writing and reminiscing about some places I have visited, what they were like, and what I did/did not like about each.  So, check it out!!