Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog #2: NL West Standings

Today's post will be about the National League West standings so far.  There has been close competition between the NL west this season.  
In first place are the San Francisco Giants, with 86 wins and 67 losses.  Putting them in first place was their last game at the Chicago Cubs stadium, where the Giants won 13-0!! Their next game will be today in Colorado against the Rockies.
Close behind in second, are the San Diego Padres, with 85 wins and 67 losses.  They lost 1-3 against the Dodgers in LA on September 23 and are to play next today versus the Cincinnati Reds.
Coming in third are the Colorado Rockies with 82 wins.  They got their 70th loss in Arizona on September 23 against the Diamondbacks, losing  a close one with a score of 9-10.  They might have a chance at another win against the Giants today in Colorado.
In fourth place is my personal favorite team, the LA Dodgers.  They are not far behind with 74 wins and 79 losses.  They last played the Padres on September 23 and won 3-1.  They will play the Diamondbacks today in Arizona, and I'm hoping they will make another win!!
The top MLB performers for the National League as of now are:
Josh Johnson for pitching and Carlos Gonzalez for batting.  Johnson is on the Florida Marlins and has an ERA (earned run average) of 2.30 and 186 Ks (strikeouts).  Colorado Rockies player Gonzalez has a batting average of .342 with 33 homeruns.

I do not know how many of you follow baseball or even like it, but, to me, watching a game or especially attending one in person is the greatest way to spend my day!  Take Dodger stadium for example.  The crazy Dodger fans chant and yell and cheer all the time, the whole time, which makes the game so much more fun and interesting!  So if you have never been to a game, consider going.  Even if you do not like baseball, it is still fun and exciting to spend the day in the stadium.

The teams in the National League west are playing today, heavily competing for the number one spot.  More updates to come with new scores and standings!


  1. I'm excited to learn more about baseball from your blog!

  2. I really am a literal noob when it comes to baseball, hopefully your blog can't help me become a pro!

  3. I am not into sports at all. The only times I have seen any sport live is when they have made me. But I agree that when you actually see a game develop in your eyes, it is quite amazing. Especially all those crazy fans out there. The only sport I have actually seen though is soccer. But now I think that I might actually pay attention to the baseball games coming up. Hopefully your blog gets me into baseball or at least the idea of it. For now I don’t even know how it works, haha. But hopefully that changes, its always good to see something new.