Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clearing Up of Some "Baseball Issues"

Sorry if I didn't make some things clear with my earlier blog on playing baseball.  There were some questions and I am here to clear them up.  First of all, every player does play both offense and defense.  The whole team will be playing offense and the opposite will be playing defense, then they will switch after 3 innings.
 As for stealing base, it's a little hard to explain, but I will try my best!  Well, you know it all depends who's on base.  Say there's someone on first base and nobody else on base.  After the pitcher pitches the ball to the batter, if the first base runner thinks he can make it to second base on time, he can steal it.  However, if the opposing team on defense sees that he is stealing, they can try to throw the ball to get him out.  If someone is stealing though, and the defense has the opportunity to get them out, they must tag the runner with the ball before he hits the base.  This is a different rule than if he is just running because a ball is hit; then there is no need to tag him.  I hope that makes it clear!  Post any more questions!!

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