Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playoffs - Getting Closer and Closer to the World Series!

I'm getting excited now - the MLB World Series starts this next Wednesday, October 27!  Who will be going, you ask?  So far, the San Francisco Giants have a lead on the Philadelphia Phillies - they won the last two games 3-0 (October 17), and 6-5 (last night, October 20).  They are scheduled to play again tonight, October 21, in San Francisco, and October 23 and 24 in Philadelphia, if necessary.  New York Yankee fans were ecstatic when the Yanks made a comeback last night, playing against the Texas Rangers.  The score was 7-2, with the Yankees in the lead.  However, the Rangers had won the previous two games 8-0 (October 18), and 10-3 (October 19).  The Rangers will be playing the Yankees on October 22 in Texas, and again on October 23 in Texas, if necessary.  Who will make it to the 2010 MLB World Series??  It's down to the wire.  The Phillies and the Yankees have only a few more chances to make their comebacks against the Giants and the Rangers, who are currently in the lead.  The pressure is on!  If anyone is interested, the next Phillies/Giants game will be shown at 7:57 pm on Fox on October 23, and the Yankees/Rangers game will be shown on TBS at 8:07 pm on October 22.  Tune in to watch the action and feel the tension as these final four teams battle it out to make it to the top!

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