Monday, October 11, 2010

Playoffs Update #2

Things are changing among scores of the MLB playoff teams.  Until recently, the Tampa Bay Rays were trailing behind the Texas Rangers, losing the first two games 1-5 and 0-6, but now the Rays are catching up!  They are more than catching up, actually.  On October 9 the Rays played the Rangers and won with a score of 6-3 and on October 10 they won again, 5-2.  Is this a glorious comeback for the Rays?  Will they continue on this winning streak?  We will see, with their next game on October 12.  The last two games of the San Francisco Giants and the Atlanta Braves were a tie, the Giants won one and the Braves won one.  On October 10, however, the Giants beat the Braves with a close score of 3-2.  Let's see if they will continue winning or if the Braves will make a comeback.  The Philadelphia Phillies are stomping the Cincinnati Reds, losing only one of their playoffs game so far.  They last played yesterday, October 10, and the Phillies won 2-0.  The New York Yankees won their American League Series with a sweep against the Minnesota Twins.  Sorry, Twins!  Check back for more MLB Playoff Updates!

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