Monday, October 25, 2010

World Series!!!

Now we finally have it - the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers are taking the World Series!  These two teams will battle it out in a series of four games, with three remaining games, if necessary (if they get tied up)  The Giants won their spot in this year's World Series in their last game against the Philadelphia Phillies in the Playoffs, on October 23.  The final score was a close 3 - 2; a win for the Giants.  Now, Giants and the Rangers are scheduled to start the World Series Playoffs on Wednesday, October 27, in San Francisco at the Giants' stadium.  They will play again the next day, Thursday, October 28, also in San Francisco.  Then the teams will move on to Texas, and play two more games, on October 30 and October 31.  This should be a very interesting World Series.  Two teams nobody expected will be playing against each other, the Rangers for the first time in history!  Don't miss out on this year's 2010 MLB World Series!  It's going to be exciting and, most likely, very unpredictable.

Click here to see more information, as well as predictions as to which team will win and why.

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